Our products help schools and colleges to connect and engage with students, alumni, parents, faculty and other wellwishers. They are characterized by the right mix of features and content specially designed to meet the needs of educational institutions.

Mobile Apps

Our contemporary mobile app helps educational institutions to stay salient and connected with their key stakeholders.

  • Send updates on-the-go with immediate reach
  • Leverage for brand building by popularizing the app
  • Available across Android, IOS and Windows platforms

Community Portal

This product is exclusively for the community members. Creating value for each stakeholder profile is the guiding thought.

  • Specialist features that support collaborations among stakeholders
  • Rich collection of content as relevant to varied stakeholder interests
  • Fun campaigns to drive participation and hence engagement

Full Feature Website

Our full feature website is a specialist platform tailored to meet the digital identity needs of educational institutions within a larger ecosystem.

  • Specialist features to support specific website needs
  • Enablers for digital brand building
  • Access to allied partners across the education ecosystems